How To Use Windows 8 On Laptop

How To Use Windows 8 On Laptop

In this occasion we will talk about how to use windows 8 on laptop. It was include how to install and some tips to use windows 8 easily. But first we will introduce to you about windows 8.

Windows 8 is the latest operation system developed by Microsoft, big company which manufacturing software for computer. It was released to manufacturing on August 1, 2012 and was released for general availability on October 26, 2012. And now, Microsoft also has already released windows 8.1 operating system.

As the new operating system, windows 8 have many differentiation with windows 7 or windows-xp. From its display, usability, function, etc. So, here we give you some tips to use windows 8 or windows 8.1.

  1. Use the tiles. When you start the computer, after passing the lock and sign-in screens, it will take you to the start screen. This screen replaces the function of the start button in previous versions of Windows. On your start screen, you will see several boxes in various sizes and colors. These are tiles. Tiles act the same as icons did in previous versions, in that clicking on them starts the program that they represent.
  2. Take advantage of the live tiles. Live tiles are tiles, which change every few seconds to present you with various information. These can be helpful and give your start screen a more dynamic look but they are not available for every application. Using live tiles is especially helpful with things like News applications, which will flash headlines to keep you updated.
  3. Click the Desktop tile to switch to the desktop view. There should be a tile on your start screen, which takes you to the traditional desktop view. You do not need to use Desktop view to do most tasks, but you may wish to default to desktop view until you become more comfortable with Windows 8.
  4. Using the desktop view. Once you are in desktop view, you may notice the traditional start button is a little different. While the button was missing in the original Windows 8, it was replaced with 8.1. However, the menu that it brings up is the metro or modern start menu and does not resemble the original. Selecting the start button from the charms menu will also bring up the start menu.
  5. Just start typing. A lot of users are taken aback by the completely newfangled screen that displays on first boot-up of Windows 8. But just thinking of it simply as a full-screen start button panel will allay some of your fears. Just as with Windows 7’s start button menu, you can simply start typing the name of a program to display app names that match the letters you type. If what you’re looking for isn’t there, say, you want to run the control panel, switch the right-slide selector bar to Settings; if you’re looking for a picture or doc, switch it to Files. Note that you can also search within any of the apps listed below these three choices.

That’s all about windows 8 and how to use it, have a nice day.

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