How To Use Garmin Nuvi

How To Use Garmin Nuvi

GPS (Global Positioning System) is a radio-based navigation system that provides position coordinates to users around the world. The use of GPS requires the server to be able to determine location coordinates. The accuracy of the coordinates of the location depends on the type of receiver on the client device.

Here are three types of GPS equipment :

The first type is the GPS Navigation. For example the GPS navigation Car GPS. Price GPS Navigation ranges from Rp 750 thousand to Rp 10 million-an).

The second type is the type of Geodesy GPS or GPS Mapping single-frequency, single-frequency geodetic GPS is usually used for mapping, an error rate below 1 m.

GPS last type is the type of geodetic dual frequency GPS, the GPS has a high level of accuracy and error rate below 1 cm. Geodetic GPS dual frequency used to measure ground movement. (Definition And Uses GPS)

In this discussion we better specify the GPS navigation in the car, rather the Garmin Nuvi GPS. Garmin GPS helps us to travel to a place with a system search path. You do not need to bother to ask people on the street to find the location of your destination. You just need to follow the instructions given by the path Garmin GPS. You will even be informed estimate of the distance so that you can prepare fuel that may be used.

Here are some tips on the use of GPS Garmin Nuvi :

  1. Press and hold approximately 10-30 seconds on the signal icon to open a new page. Then will be displayed the info how many satellites are being connected to the Nuvi, your position, and accurate GPS. Press back to back.
  2. Press and hold the battery icon to open the diagnostic menu. In this section you will find information about the details of your device.
  3. Press the menu where to eat will go to the next page to find the address or POI (Point Of Interest). GPS will show you the way to your destination.
  4. POI You can also enter you into the favorites.
  5. You will also find information on the POI you have fed in the form of distance information, the estimated travel time, and the MAP or the recommended path.
  6. You can also get guidance path to the location, click go
  7. Once the image is displayed through the Nuvi, we just follow the only path that has been shown.
  8. Bends If not appear the sign, you can click a button what next to find the nearest bend.

You can also try some menus which contained in Garmin Nuvi GPS. Never be afraid to try.

You can also update your Garmin Nuvi GPS by :

  1. Download the latest map. Select Garmin GPS and existing servers.
  2. Once completed, install the program.
  3. Follow the instructions to find the option create Garmin folder.
  4. After the installation process is complete, take the micro SD card from Garmin GPS connected to the computer.
  5. Move the files contained in the installation of the computer.
  6. Having a micro SD connected in Garmin GPS, turn on the GPS map will be loaded automatically.
  7. Already updated Garmin GPS is ready to use.

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