How To Train a Dog Not To Bark

How To Train a Dog Not To Bark

Information About How To Train a Dog Not To Bark

Dog trainer says that if your dog is barking or barking bothers you, so you can be sure that your dog barks even more annoying to your neighbors .

If your neighbors do not complain, be proactive and approach them . Explain that you are aware of this problem and that you work on training your dog to stop unnecessary barking. And for you know, this is information about how to train a dog not to bark.

Most people would be much more patient and forgiving , if they know that you are working on a solution . Here is a solution that can be done!

  1. First you need to make sure that your dog has all the basic requirements . Clean cold water, enough food, a comfortable and safe place to go.
  1. Make sure your dog is getting enough exercise. If your dog is not ready to rest when you get back from the streets , it is not enough exercise . Some dogs just full of energy, and even if they are tired after the first run, a few hours later they have to burn more energy .

You might think “I don’t have time to take a walk my dog ​​more than once a day”. The solution is you can set up or hire someone else to run both. You can get your dog to play an energetic game.

Except learn about how to train a dog not to bark, you should know what to do when he bark. This is a few thing you should do :

  • Go and see if you can work out what triggers his barking.

Do not let your dog constantly barking, distract him with a voice. You can try to whistle or clap, but you may need to look for something more unusual to get his attention.

  • Once you give attention command such as “sit” or “down” to further distract him . If he obeys the command is not barking , reward him .
  • Teach your dog to bark and stop barking on your command.
  • Do not try to teach the dog barking when you panic.
  • Choose a single command word for each action.

To teach the command shell , tease your dog with a favorite toy or treat, but do not give it as long as you are using the command “speak”. Most dogs will be disappointed not to get the object of their desire. When he barks say “good talk” and quickly responded. Repeat the process.

  • To teach your dog the “quiet” command, giving orders or provoke talk your dog barks. Sometimes the barking dog you will get the response you want. After some barking, continue to gently mouth when you give the command quiet.

He will be quiet while you hold his mouth, praise him enthusiastically and repeat the routine. If you are not comfortable holding the mouth closed, to distract him with a whistle or clap. Repeat the “quiet” and as soon as he is quiet, praise him with luxury .

To teach the commands together, you need to use a release word such as “OK” in between. This will look like a “Talk” , a dog barking “Good Talk” , “Okay” “Quiet” stop dog barking “Good Quiet”.

I hope information about how to train a dog not to bark below give you new insight. Good luck!

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