How To Sleep When Pregnant

How To Sleep When Pregnant

Many pregnant women are not sure about which sleeping positions are the best during their pregnancy. Some who used to sleep on stomach couldn’t do it anymore as their stomach gets bigger. Now they question whether to sleep on the back during pregnancy is the best solution.

While pregnant, women need a good night’s sleeps more than ever. Unfortunately, the activity is becoming harder and harder to get, leading to insomnia, which is actually among the commonness pregnancy symptoms. Thus, it is important for expectant moms to know how to sleep when pregnant so they can get comfortable in bed easily, particularly if their preferable position is tummy-down. Here are the tips for them.

how to sleep when pregnant – Get Comfortable in Bed

To know how to sleep when pregnant, before flipping onto their back to those those they crave, pregnant women should consider this: Health practitioners suggest that during the second and the third trimester pregnant women not sleep on their backs. It is because of the weight of the developing uterus and baby stressing the vena cava, the primary vein carrying blood returning to the heart from their lower body part. If depressed, it can disrupt with optimum circulation, while we know circulation is a best friend of pregnancy.

when you’re in search of slumber, pregnant women’s bedtime bet is to lie on their side. Although it’s less essential which side they opt, the left side is good as allowing, less pressure on the vena cava, allowing for maximum blood flow and could decrease swelling in the legs. How to sleep when pregnant is getting yourself comfortable in that mentioned position, pulling out all the stops including all the pillows. For example, you can try placing a pillow between your legs, one behind your back, one under your belly, or any other possible combination allowing you to sleep like a baby.

How to sleep when pregnant also includes trying a wedge-shaped pillow for support. As alternative you can utilize a full-length body pillow that can provide nice training for alligator wrestling when you shift positions with it, actually. Notwithstanding best purposes and nightly get-comfortable routines, it is not always possible for you to control what pose your body takes in your sleep. So, do not worry if you wake up on your back or your tummy, because it is absolutely no harm towards your baby. It is very likely when you woke up, your pregnant body is telling you that you need to change your positions or telling you it is time to pee again, which is a common sleep disturbance during pregnancy.

how to sleep when pregnant – The Correct Way

When it comes to how to sleep when pregnant, basically the correct way is to get relaxed. It is very unlikely that either of these sleep attitude will severely harm your baby. It is highly suggested that o prefer that you sleep on your left. However, if you are not able to pull that position off for a whole night, then you should not lose any more sleep.

One rule of thumb from the pregnancy experts is that at any time while laying flat, if you start to feel dizzy, nauseous, sweaty, or short of breath, then you should turn on your left side. If you experience this, it is highly recommended that you try to sleep in “side” position since your pregnant body is alarming you that you are going through significant venous compression. If your hips get numb on the left, then it is also fine for you to lay on your right.

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