How To Mount A TV On The Wall

How To Mount A TV On The Wall

In this occasion we will discuss about how to mount a TV on the wall. However, some people do not know how the right way to install LCD TV on the wall of the room to make it more safe and beautiful. For those of you, who are curious, please refer to the following tips.

Equipment needed :

  1. Bracket television itself
  2. Ruler length (meter)
  3. Pencil
  4. Drilling Machine
  5. Screwdriver with size in accordance with the nut provided in the bracket

After you prepare all the equipment needed, then follow the steps in the installation LCD TV on the wall.

  • Measure the length of the television and adjust the wall space available. If there is a shortage of wall space can be solved by getting rid of items that reduce the space on the wall for mounting a television spot. Keep the television bracket and make sure there is no obstacle from other object.
  • Make sure that the size of the position according to which there is a bracket on the back LCD TV.
  • after you put it on the exact position as you wish, hold the bracket in position and mark the bracket holes on each wall.
  • Prepare drill with his eyes. Then direct drilling the wall that has been marked by the bracket holes and the size of the nail or nut, which serves to hold the bracket in order not to fall.
  • Try drilling holes is not too shallow and not too deep. Adjust the size of the nail with a drilling depth.
  • Clean the dust remains of drilling so as not to obstruct installation of nails.
  • Then attach the bracket, after the installation of wall perforated with a nail begins nail into the wall hole, then attach metal retaining bracket, then lock the nut.
  • After successfully retaining bracket is installed properly, you are able to rely on the retaining bracket arm with safe, you do not have to worry about your TV bracket and fall if you’ve set it up properly and do not exceed the maximum limit of the bracket.
  • Do not forget to lock the retaining bracket to ensure the position of the bracket will not move or fall when bumped.
  • Attach the bracket that attaches to the television, you can put it before the bracket mounted to the retaining bracket.
  • Do not plugged all the cables in advance contained in your LCD TV, for easy of wall mount installation.
  • felt fit and strong after then plug the antenna cable, DVD or receiver parabolic input
  • TV set watch with your family.

That’s all about how to mount a TV on the wall, especially for LCD TV. Why LCD TV? Because we know that now people begin to leave Tube TV and choose LCD TV. Beside of its view, LCD TV also have some positive things compared to Tube TV. One of them is that LCD TV is not wasting place because it was slim. Thank you and have a nice day.

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