How To Make Good Coffee at Home

How To Make Good Coffee at Home

In this occasion we will talk about coffee and how to make good coffee at home. But first we’ll tell you about the benefits of coffee.

Coffee has several benefits for the body, that is :

  1. Reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes
    This is because the content of chlorogenic acid contained in coffee that serves to slow the absorption of sugar in digestion and stimulates GLP-1 that produce insulin substance.
  2. Reduce cognitive decline for women
    Cognitive function is a person’s ability to receive process, store and reuse all sensory input as well. Why only apply to women because women are more sensitive to caffeine to inhibit the decline in cognitive function due to aging.
  3. Reduce risk of cancer
    The coffee was found to reduce the risk of breast cancer, liver cancer, and colon cancer.

However, if consumed in excess, coffee can cause some harmful effects, such as :

  1. Cause dependence
    Addictive substances contained within the coffee, for those who have become addicted to or who have dependence on coffee will be weak if they are not to consume coffee within certain
  2. Cause of obesity or overweight
    This is because coffee lovers usually add a lot of sugar in your coffee or Krimmer. Besides content of caffeine can also stimulate hormone that stimulates appetite.
  3. Cause anxiety
    The content of caffeine in coffee, if consumed too frequently can cause anxiety and nervousness, because it triggers a heart that beats working harder.
  4. Reduce female fertility Excessive caffeine consumption in women can affect women’s reproductive health can even increase the risk of miscarriage. This is because caffeine consumption in pregnant women causes low birth weight.
  5. Cause dehydration
    Often we experience after drinking the coffee we become more frequent thirst. If dehydration continues, it will make the skin dry, making susceptible against wrinkles, or the patient’s body will feel sluggish.

For coffee lovers, do not complete it in one day if it does not enjoy a cup of real coffee, coffee makers alias instead of instant coffee. But we sometimes do not have time to go to the coffee shop because of our business. We should spend money when we used to go to the coffee shop.

Here are some tips to make delicious coffee at home.

  • Selecting quality coffee beans that. The quality of the coffee beans would strongly influence the taste of the coffee produced. For a satisfying sense we need to choose a quality coffee bean anyway.
  • Coffee beans are then washed and baked until cooked.
  • Before brewed, coffee should be ground to produce coffee powder. It also affects the resulting coffee beans later that there are no clumps in the coffee.
  • To maintain the quality of coffee after a powder, Store coffee in an airtight container and protected from sunlight.
  • Avoid make coffee beans freeze, except it will be stored for a long time.
  • Use the proper dose between coffees with water. Also control the temperature of the water to brew coffee between 195 to 202 degrees.
  • Make sure the coffee making techniques consistent in every coffee-making, so taste does not change,

That’s all some tips that can be tried in making coffee, good luck.

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