How To Cure Neck Pain And Headaches

How To Cure Neck Pain And Headaches
Practical Tips

Many are seeking of how to cure neck pain and headaches simply because job of a pain in the neck is a lot more than just a saying. Pressures on neck and head comes from any direction including from office or from home, could be tasks that need much of leaning over a work surface, could be wrong posture. Surprisingly, even a too-soft mattress can the source of headache, neck pain and stiffness. certainly several kinds of headache and neck pain come from injury or disease, but mainly the neck pain comes from simple muscle tension.

Before knowing how to cure neck pain and headaches here is a little bit information about our neck and head. Our neck actually has an intricate structure and broad range of movement direction. Thus, normally it is sensitive to strain and stress. Meanwhile, the head weighing between 10 and 20 pounds, is affirmed by a stack of 7 little bones called vertebrae and kept in place by 32 composite muscles. When our muscles get tense, either due to emotional or physical stress, the blood supply to the muscles is reduce, causing pain to the neck and head. In this case, the best way to relieve neck and head pain is trying to alleviate or eliminate the physical or emotional stress in addition to treating the muscles. To help you breaking the tension-pain cycle and learning new habits for the better health of neck and head, here are the practical tips you can adopt.

How To Cure Neck Pain And Headaches
Easy Steps to Do It

The first and simplest way of how to cure neck pain and headaches is by taking an over the counter medication for pain relieving. in this case, you may find that Most painkillers out there will start working relieving the pain after around 30 minutes. This is why you need to take it as soon as you begin feeling the headache or neck pain coming on. When you cannot stand the depths of misery, a fast dose of aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen or acetaminophen can take the edge off.

The next way of how to cure neck pain and headaches that you can do is drinking plenty of water. Why? It is because among the main causes of headache is dehydration. This situation is particularly when you are hungover or you have vomited recently. To overcome the pain, you need to drink a tall glass of water as fast as your head begins to hurt, and throughout the day you should try to keep drinking small sips. Gradually you will feel the pain begins to ease.

The next way is to use caffeine carefully. You should be careful as many over-the-counter painkillers come with caffeine that can make painkillers work more quickly, but unfortunately it can also cause a literal and metaphorical headache. It is particularly when your body becomes dependent on such pain killers. That is why it is wise to take out caffeine in your diet (caffeine is usually found in coffee) or choose painkillers that do not contain caffeine.

How To Cure Neck Pain And Headaches
Home Remedies

there are sill many home remedies as way of how to cure neck pain and headaches. First, you can give the pain some good press. By giving a firm massage with circular motion for several minutes on the web of skin positioned between your forefinger and base of your thumb (LIG4 area trigger point linked to region of brain where the headache comes from), you can resolve the pain.

Heating up and cooling down can be home remedy of how to cure neck pain and headaches. The fact shows that although it seems unrelated, soaking the feet in hot water can help us to relieve headache. It is because the hot-water foot bath can remove pressure on the blood vessels in your head by drawing blood to your feet

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