Golf Tips For Beginners

Golf Tips For Beginners

Read This Golf Tips If You Are Beginners

Golf is an outdoor game played on a personal space or a race team put the ball into the holes that are on the ground with a blow as little as possible. Hit a golf ball with a set of javelins called club (golf clubs).

Golf is one of the games that do not have a standard game field, but played golf Padang each have a unique design and typically consists of 9 or 18 holes (holes).

The main rule in golf is “playing a ball with golf clubs from the county tee (teeing ground) into the hole by a stroke or some comply with our next shot.”

Golf is one sport game is fun and has many benefits.
Among other things :

  • Train the personnel strength of motion, especially the legs. Because we are in the field of course you will follow where the ball moves.
  • Playing golf can increase endurance, because golf is a game which basically fighting yourself. You will find a way to overcome yourself while playing golf.
  • Fun very own acumen in reading and understanding the situation to strategist while playing golf.
  • Learn to play golf also means of managing risk, as used to calculate the measures to be taken and determine when to advance or stop first.
  • Like other sports game, golf can also help relieve stress for the players, because the game is fun and we can forget about the problems that we have experienced.
  • Suitable also played with business colleagues, because golf is made relaxed atmosphere so as to reach an agreement, an agreement in doing business.

For those of you who cannot play golf, there’s a specific underlying reason. Either because there is no time for tutoring or coaching golf, or even precisely golf coach fare is too high.

Now you need not worry. Here you learn to become a golfer, as we feature some tips to play golf for beginners.

Some of the equipment used in the game of golf

Golf clubs have three types of wood that is used for shots with distances, iron for medium rare, and for the shot putter on the green.

Shaft is used between the grip and the club head.

It was better if a Golfers wearing special shoes for golf, especially for beginner.

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To play golf, follow this simple step

1. Place the ball from the container to the next tee. Do it using the Iron club. When you have well in this way then you can also put it behind Tee.

2. Footing your right foot on the left side tee with a distance of about 2 cm from the tee. Put your club on the right side of ball

3. By using sliding it club / ball handful towards your feet and try to lift the ball squeezed a little ball (as you ladle)

4. While still pinning the ball on the leg ball on tee and slow down

5. Due to the element of the club head to the shaft (except the grips) made of hard materials (steel, titanium, Graphite, carbon etc.) will now drop the ball on the tee you will feel the vibration when the ball is on the tee fitting (it was also seen in naked eye)

6. Move your club (slowly) to the right and slide your feet toward the left. The point is to leave / drop a ball that is already installed on the Tee.

7. Done. Now you are ready to hit the ball.

For those of you who want to quickly become a golfer, you can practice the tips above.

Have fun.


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